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Ask A Guy: Do Guys Really Like Sexy underwear ?

Do Guys Really Like Sexy underwear ?

Do guys really care about sexy underwear? Sometimes I spend a lot of money on really discount sexy underwear and bras and stuff, but then when I wear it for my boyfriend, it just ends up coming off anyway and then I kind of feel like I wasted my money. I mean, does he really care that I¡¯m even wearing it at all? Do guys notice when you put in the effort of wearing cute plus size sexy underwear or do they really just not care? Guys love cheap sexy underwear, alright. Oh, yes we do. But before you drop big bills on a spicy new number for your man, keep the following two footnotes to this fact in mind: 1) Men are primitive beasts who are just as easily turned on by cheap, sex shop novelty undergarments. 2) When a guy sees something sexy on a woman, he will want to tear it off as quickly as possible. In general, men have an unfortunate track record marred by obliviousness when it comes to ladies going out of their way for our pleasure ¡ª I, for one, have certainly been guilty of taking my girlfriend for granted before. And when it comes to female fashion items acquired for our pleasure, we generally only notice them if they barely exist (the skimpier the better), or grossly violate one or more rules of sexiness (e.g. torn Grandma panties three sizes too large). Furthermore, merely ¡°cute¡± wholesale sexy underwearis rarely even recognized because its unveiling isn¡¯t accompanied with the flourish commonly preceding the debut of a seductive teddy or nightgown (e.g. ¡°Look what I bought this week¡­¡±). It¡¯s not that we don¡¯t care buy sexy underwear¡ª we¡¯re kinda just a bunch of idiots. So your valiant efforts to look hot for us often go unappreciated, or briefly acknowledged at best, and I apologize on behalf of all men for our ignorance and insensitivity. But unfortunately, I don¡¯t see guys universally honing their ability to recognize ¡°special¡± sexy underwear online anytime soon. Therefore, I recommend buying nice stuff for yourself¡­ for yourself. Spend as much as you feel comfortable spending to purchase what makes you feel sexy. Guys are much more likely to notice your newfound confidence than any costly piece of clothing ¨C and that¡¯s what we find sexiest. Good luck!